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Good start... lame end.

Was good initially, but the end just went downwards.

Good movie, bad audio

I liked the movie. The only complaint I had was the audio. I wasn't able to hear the characters' voices and I also believe that the audio in the movie caused the file to have a big download.

Liked the ending

I liked the twist in the end of the movie. The animation was great, and absence of dialogue was not bad. The only critique I have about it is the title.

Other than the movie, the menu in the end was nice but I found that the buttons were a little bit hidden.

Anyways, good job on the movie, I faved it and gave it a 5/5.

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Waaaaay too good!

I just can't get enough of this game!


A magicians success always comes from his/her's performance. You had the challenge of presenting this as a form of an interactive flash media. I got one thing to say about this: brilliant!

I did, however, noticed a flaw with this magic reveal, and it had to do with the "Again?" button. It's not that it has a technical problem, or that it is a sort of an eyesore, but it is rather its presence that is the issue. Usually, a magician only shows his/her tricks once. This "Again?" button somewhat defeats this golden rule.

Although it is true that the trick could have been ruined anyways, primarily because it is presented as an online interactive content, but the absence of this "Again?" button could've prevented a number of users from ever figuring out the trick.

Ooh, cool

Circular, pong. I like.

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Like, I CAN NOT describe with words as to what I think of this piece. All I can say I love it!

I Like it

Very, calming, soothing, simple... I like it!

Yeah, I have been wasting alot of my time watching flash movies on NG.

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